Before attempting to make a booking via our booking engine, it is always a good idea to check our AVAILABILITY CALENDAR, to ensure we have a vehicle and driver available for your specific time/date.



When you first start a booking, you need to choose the type of booking:


POINT-TO-POINT bookings allow you to manually enter the start and end points of your journey, which will automatically update the time and distance calculations for your trip using the Google Maps API, and thus arrive at a price based on those calculations.

FLAT RATE bookings use our pre-determined rates for trips from specified departure points to specified arrival points – i.e. Riddells Creek to Melbourne Airport (PLEASE NOTE: the actual pickup point in FLAT RATE fares will be your nominated pickup address, provided it is within a 5km radius of the specified central address provided by Google – we will check this once we have confirmed your pickup address. Any additional charges for addresses outside the 5km radius will be added to an adjusted fare.)

We are constantly updating our selection of FLAT RATE trips based on customer feedback – so if you have a suggestion please submit it via our CONTACT FORM.



After deciding what type of booking you wish to make (POINT-TO-POINT vs FLAT RATE), you will need to complete some of the RIDE DETAILS form.


The required fields for both types of bookings are:


When you click in (or tap, on a mobile device) the PICKUP DATE field, you will be presented with a calendar, from which you can choose your required date of travel (PLEASE NOTE: We can only accept bookings via the web site up to 3 weeks in advance – for any bookings further afield, please CONTACT US.)

When you click in (or tap, on a mobile device) the PICKUP TIME field, you will be presented with a list of times, in 15 minute increments, from which you can choose your desired pickup time (PLEASE NOTE: Our normal hours of operation are between 0700-2100 every day of the week. Pickup times outside those hours will incur a “Late Night/Early Morning Surcharge”).



This field will only need to be completed if making a POINT-TO-POINT booking.

Simply click (or tap, on a mobile device) in the field and being typing your desired pickup address – the booking engine uses the Google Maps API for geolocation, so the majority of street addresses, shops, bars, pubs, and other landmarks should automatically appear the more information you enter.



This button allows you to add a WAYPOINT (or multiple WAYPOINTS) on your journey:


For instance, let’s assume you are travelling to Melbourne Airport but, along the way need to stop to pick up your Mother, whom is accompanying you, but lives at a different address. In this case, you would add a WAYPOINT to your journey, which allows for a 5 minute stop along the way. There is a limit of 5 WAYPOINTS you can add to your journey, but please be aware that each WAYPOINT will incur an additional cost (these costs need to be manually added on the CHOOSE A VEHICLE page of our booking engine. Match the number of WAYPOINTS chosen on the ENTER RIDE DETAILS page, to the WAYPOINT STOPS on the ‘CHOOSE A VEHICLE’ page). If you do not add them to your booking, we will add them for you and issue a revised invoice that will require payment prior to your journey, otherwise your entire journey will be subject to cancellation).



This field will only need to be completed if making a POINT-TO-POINT booking.

Simply click (or tap, on a mobile device) in the field and being typing your desired drop-off address – as above, the booking engine uses the Google Maps API for geolocation, so the majority of street addresses, shops, bars, pubs, and other landmarks should automatically appear the more information you enter.



This dropdown menu is applicable to both POINT-TO-POINT and FLAT RATE bookings.

  • One Way – this is a one-way transfer, with no return journey
  • Return – this is a return journey occurring on the same day as the outbound journey (PLEASE NOTE: This option should only be chosen if you intend to return within a set time frame on the same day as the outbound journey – other components for your journey may need to be selected, such as wait time or extra time).
  • Return (new ride) – this is for a return journey occurring on a different date and time from the outbound journey. In this case, you will need to select a RETURN DATE and RETURN TIME. (PLEASE NOTE: If your required Return Date and Time are outside our 6 week booking window, you will need to make a special request for your return journey via our CONTACT FORM.)



Extra Options would only apply if you require your driver to wait for up to a 2 hour period (charged in 1 hour increments or part thereof) at your original destination to complete a return journey. This would most likely apply for passengers attending medical appointments, social gatherings, or shopping events. There are hourly charges of $25 per hour plus GST for extra time.



On the ‘Choose a Vehicle’ page there are a number of choices which could potentially affect the final price of your trip:

  • PASSENGERS AND LUGGAGE (optional step)

Passengers and Luggage is an optional choice that will not affect the pricing of your trip – you should be aware that if you make choices in this section of the screen, the vehicle below will deselect automatically – you’ll need to select it manually by clicking the  button.


By default, our Honda Jazz is selected for your trip, as it is currently the only vehicle available.

Our Honda Jazz is a very versatile vehicle and can carry up to 4 passengers plus 2 medium to large suitcases (depending on passenger numbers, the vehicle can carry more luggage, due to the “magic seats“).

The price of your trip based on either Point-To-Point (Distance) or Flat Rate will be displayed next to the vehicle (this is the GST-inclusive price prior to the addition of any applicable booking fees, surcharges, extras and the $1.10 inc. GST per trip levy).



A Child Booster Seat is available at additional cost – only 1 seat is can be fitted to our Honda Jazz at this time.

Simply click the  button to add this to your trip.



A Waypoint Stop is a stop you wish to make during your trip – for instance, if you are travelling to the Airport, but wish to stop along the way to pick up an extra traveller, you will need to add a Waypoint Stop by clicking  – extra charges apply for every Waypoint Stop. To add more than 1 Waypoint Stop, highlight the numeral in the NUMBER field and type the number of stops you require (up to a maximum of 5 stops).



The Summary below the vehicle and extra options, outlines the details of your current trip. It includes the following (note the image here is for a Flat Rate trip – fields displayed for a Point-To-Point trip will differ):

  • LOGGED AS – if you are logged in your name will be displayed (this field will not be present if you have not created an account, or are not logged in at the time of creating a trip)
  • SERVICE TYPE – Either Point-To_point or Flat Rate, depending on your selection
  • TRANSFER TYPE – One Way or Return
  • ROUTE – Details of the route (this will be displayed as ‘FROM-TO’ in the case of a Point-To-Point trip)
  • PICKUP DATE, TIME – The pickup date and time of your requested trip
  • TOTAL DISTANCE – The total distance of your trip
  • TOTAL TIME – The total estimated duration of your trip
  • TRIP CHARGES – The transportation costs associated with the vehicle, based on time and distance
  • EXTRA OPTIONS – Any additional costs
  • BOOKING FEE/SURCHARGES – will be displayed in a Point-To-Point trip booking
  • TOTAL – this is the total cost of your proposed trip (inc. GST)
  • CLICK the button to advance to the next page







On this page you have the option to SIGN IN if you already have an account and are not already signed in.



If you do not have an account, you should click the button and fill out the relevant details:

You may also wish to CREATE AN ACCOUNT by clicking the box (advisable if you think you may make future bookings – this will save you having to enter your details every time you book).

When the CREATE AN ACCOUNT? box is checked the dynamic form will add the following fields:

  • LOGIN – enter your required login name (your email address)
  • PASSWORD – you can choose your own password by typing (or copying and pasting) in the field, or by clicking GENERATE, the system will generate a unique password for you. You can click SHOW in order to reveal the created password and copy it for your records (never fear, there is a password recovery procedure should you forget your password)
  • RE-TYPE PASSWORD – re-type your required password (this will be automatically filled if you choose the GENERATE option)

BILLING ADDRESS details will also be required, so the box needs to be checked before you can finalise your booking.

Required fields are:

  • STREET* – please enter your street number, name and type
  • CITY* – please enter your city name
  • STATE* – please enter your state name
  • POSTAL CODE* – please enter your postcode
  • COUNTRY* – the country field defaults to Australia and is currently the only country that can be selected for billing details

Once you have completed the required fields, click the payment method (Square is our secure payments processor):

Now, scroll to the bottom of the page and click – the BOOKING SUMMARY page displays all the details of your trip, including:

  • PAYMENT METHOD (credit or debit card via Square, our secure payments processor)
  • RIDE DETAILS (including the Google map of your trip, along with all other details)
  • BOOKING FEE/SURCHARGES (if applicable)
  • TOTAL COST (inc. GST)

NOTE: In each of the relevant sections of the BOOKING SUMMARY, there is an button – if you notice any incorrect details in your summary, you can go back and edit/correct them by clicking this button.

If all of the details on the BOOKING SUMMARY page appear to be correct and you wish to proceed, click the button.

BE PATIENT and wait for the next page to load – this can sometimes take from 30-60 seconds!!



Once the next page loads, click the ‘PAY FOR ORDER’ button – if you do not complete this step, your booking will not be finalised (all trips pre-booked via the web site require full upfront payment).



On the ‘CHECKOUT’ page you are presented with our secure Square payments form – while this form may look “greyed out”, you can enter all of the necessary details by clicking in, or tabbing through, the fields (note that all fields are required).

Once you have entered all of your details, click the ‘PAY FOR ORDER’ button – your payment will be processed and your booking finalised in our system.

You will receive automated confirmation emails, plus a Tax Invoice. We will also forward you a Square digital receipt once we have confirmed all of your trip/booking details (this may involve us contacting you by phone).



If you do not pay for your booking during the checkout process, it will remain unconfirmed, even though you will receive emails stating your booking has been completed. In the event that this occurs, we will be in touch with you within 24 hours to confirm your booking and take payment manually. PLEASE NOTE: In the event of a manual payment becoming necessary for an online booking, a $5.50 (inc. GST) surcharge will apply – this is to cover all extra costs associated with taking manual payments.

Alternatively, if you have created an account during the checkout process (or already have an account with us), you will be able to pay via credit or debit card on the ‘ORDERS’ page when you login to your Riddells Creek Rideshare account. Simply click the ‘PAY’ button and fill out the secure Square payment form, then click ‘PAY FOR ORDER’.