How Do I Create An Account | How Do I Login To My Account?

You can create an account during the checkout process the first time you make a booking.
Alternatively, you can hover over or click the Login button, top right of screen:


Then click the Register link in the pop-up window (if you hover):

Or follow the prompts on the “My Account” screen in the “Register” form if you have clicked the login button.

Can I Book Over The Phone Or Via Text Message?

The short answer is, yes! We may not always be able to answer your call or text immediately, for obvious safety reasons as we may be driving at the time, but we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Please bear in mind that Riddells Creek Rideshare is a sole trader business with one vehicle in operation at this stage (more to be added soon), so it’s best to first check the Availability Calendar before attempting to make a booking by these methods.


Remember – your call is always welcome and we’ll do our best to get you where you need to go in a timely fashion!! For those who perhaps do not feel comfortable using our booking engine, we’ll gladly enter your trip details into the system manually over the phone.

How Do I Pay For My Trip?

Riddells Creek Rideshare accepts Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit cards, as well as debit cards, via our payments processor, SQUARE. We can accept payment for your trip in the vehicle using the Square Chip Card Reader. We can also accept cash payments, but carry only small amounts of change.


For trips pre-booked via our web site booking engine, we require upfront payment with credit card. Bookings made through the web site are also handled by our payments processor, SQUARE. We do not have surcharges for credit or debit card payments.

Can I Get A Tax Invoice?

Yes, you most certainly can!

All pre-paid online bookings automatically receive an email with a PDF Tax Invoice as an attachment once your payment is confirmed.


As our booking system automatically creates the PDF file with the information you provide on our web site, it’s very important that you complete all fields on the ‘ENTER CONTACT DETAILS’ page – this is used to populate the information on the PDF Tax Invoice that identifies you as the recipient of our services.

By paying in-vehicle with your Credit/Debit Card (VISA, Mastercard & American Express), you will automatically be provided with a digital receipt (also a Tax Invoice) from our payment processor, Square. This can be delivered immediately to either an email address or via SMS to your mobile phone – all you have to do is provide the driver your preferred delivery method and associated details.

Passengers who pay for their trip in-vehicle with either Credit/Debit Card (preferred) or Cash, can request a PDF Tax Invoice by email, or through our CONTACT FORM – you will need to provide the date, time and total cost of your trip, along with your name, email address, street address and phone number, and these details will be manually added to our customer database in order to generate the Tax Invoice, which will be forwarded to your registered email address.

Under What Circumstances Can I Request A Refund?

Riddells Creek Rideshare will process full refunds for pre-booked trips which are cancelled with a minimum of 24 hours’ notice.

If a trip is cancelled with under 24 hours’ notice from the pre-booked journey time, the following charges apply:

  • Under 24 hours – 20% cancellation fee
  • Under 12 hours – 30% cancellation fee
  • Under 6 hours – 40% cancellation fee
  • Under 3 hours – 50% cancellation fee
  • Under 1 hour – 100% cancellation fee

NOTE: ALL CANCELLATIONS MUST BE ADVISED THROUGH OUR BOOKINGS EMAIL (the relevant email address is attached to your booking confirmation email) – the timestamp of your email will be used as the reference point for the cancellation fee.

Can I Travel With An Assistance Animal?

Yes, provided the animal meets the requirements set out in legislation. Please refer to the information provided by Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria.

You may also access some useful information about travelling with assistance animals on the Yooralla web site.

Do You Have Accreditation To Provide These Commercial Passenger Vehicle Services?

Yes. A copy of the necessary accreditation documentation is always carried in the vehicle. You may ask to view this, along with our Certificate of Roadworthiness, prior to your journey.

Are You A Good Driver? Will I Be Safe In Your Car?

You can check our Reviews page for more information about my qualities as a driver.

What Are Your Terms And Conditions?

Please visit our Terms and Conditions page.

What Is Your Privacy Policy?

Please visit our Privacy Policy page.